Due to some personal stuff, i am going to have to make some changes to my future plans and the way this page functions.

The first big change is: my February and March movie reviews (My Celebration of Black Directors and Quentin Tarantino) are no longer something i am able to do. This honestly makes me very sad as i was very much looking forward to the both of these. The reasons for this is in part due to my schedule, my current inability to find all the movies and my simply missing getting to play games and review them. As some of you may remember that was what this blog was about in the beginning and it still is where most of my interest lies.

The second big change actually may not happen, but it is very likely: i may have to sell my PS3. And no, i will not likely be getting a PS4 any time soon. However, i have recently downloaded Steam and will use that to continue playing games and reviewing them. My basic mission statement (play and review cheaper games that nearly anyone can afford) will remain the same. (BTW: my Steam Name is WCShelton, so feel free to friend me). If this happen i am likely also going to change the name of this blog, but as of right now i’m not sure about that.

That’s all, Thanks folks!


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