Final Fantasy XV Cid Reveal Trailer and Impressions

My Thoughts:

In the 27 year history of the Final Fantasy franchise few things have remain constant. The cast, story lines, battle systems and even overall quality of the games have changed from game to game. Only one thing has remained constant to my knowledge, and that is Cid. Every game has had a Cid so it is no surprises to see the character name returning here. However, there is something that’s changed: Cids gender. For the first time in 27 years Cid is a woman.

Now i’m not going to try and tell you wither or not this is a big deal in furthering representation for women in media as i am 1) not a woman and 2) not sure just how big a role Cid will play here. I do however, think it is a point of interest that the Square Enix chose to make this character the predominate female role as again this is one of the staples of the Final Fantasy franchise.


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