Steam and Contributors Page

Hello folks! As you may have noticed, most of the games i’ve been reviewing have been from Steam due to having a hard time getting games for my PS3. This has been a lot of fun as it has allowed me to play games i never would have been able to if i was only playing on my PS3, but there has been one draw back. See, before i got Steam i was getting most of my games from a local trade shop that allowed me to trade games across the board. This meant very little of my own money had to be spent. Now that i’m working mostly on Steam now, there has been a pretty substantial cost increase to what i’m doing and i’m not making any money from this at the moment. So, i’d like to make you all a deal!

Any game you buy me off Steam i will review, giving you both thanks in the review itself as well as adding you to my Contributors Page, were a link to your blog/webpage/whatever will be included. If you buy me something from my wishlist i will also add you to my friends list.

My Steam Page: WCShelton

And the Contributors Page: X

This will help out a lot and you could not imagine just how grateful i would be. Thank you for your time!


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