Batman vs Superman Month

Next year we will see one of the few things movie going audiences have yet to see: Batman and Superman, in live action, on the same screen. So, i’ve decided that instead of waiting i’ll put the two of them against each other the best way i know how: by comparing their live action movies. That’s right, this month i’ll watch and review all of the Batman and Superman live action movies and in the end, i’ll declare a winner. But in order to do this, i’ll need to do one thing i haven’t done up to this point: give a number rating to each movie. While i’ve made it a point not to do this in my previous movie reviews from here on out it will be a permanent fixture of my work.
The ratings will function the same way they do with my game reviews. Each movie will be give a rating from 1 to 5, but here the ratings will given as a whole, and not me rating certain aspects of the film then averaging them out to give the film its “official score”. Then, at the end of the month i will average out the scores per hero and declare my winner.
For those of you new to my page, my ratings go like this:

1= No redeeming quality. Do not watch, it isn’t worth your time.
2= There are some good ideas, but this isn’t going to be for everyone.
3= It’s okay, but nothing special.
4= One or two things may be holding t back, but you should defiantly check this out.
5= Finish the review then check this out, you owe it to yourself.


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