Batman Vs Superman: Superman 4 The Quest for Peace

Director: Sidney J Furie
Screenplay By: Lawrence Konner, Mark Rosenthal
Release Date: July 24, 1987
Run Time: 93 minuets
Rating: PG
Score: 0/5

When I decided to use a numerical score I swore to myself I would only give a game or movie a “0” if it did one of a few things: If it actively endorsed harmful stereotypes while contributing nothing else to human existence. While “Birth of a Nation” is one of the most racist films of all time, there is a reason it is shown in film classes, so I would still have to give it at least a 1 (or maybe 0.5). But that is one of the kinds of films I would consider giving a 0 too. Another qualifier is if the movie is so bad I cannot finish it. You see, with nearly every film there is something to learn, even if the lesion is “how to to make a movie”. Superman four meets the second qualifier.
Even with “Superman 3” of “Batman Forever” I could stomach the stupid long enough to finish each film, but here….just no. I respect myself too much. And you should respect yourself enough to not watch this either.
The plot: Superman destroys every nuke on earth. Luthor uses this as an opportunity to create a villain called Nuclear Man and…no one will ever care. Every plot point is done in the stupidest possible manner, almost as if this was a first graders first draft. And the acting just makes all this stupidity so boring. At least with a Movies like “The Room” or “Birdemic” the awful and stupid is done so bizarrely you can;t take your eyes away. Here I was nearly asleep after 10 minuets. Screw this movie, Screw everyone who made it and Screw Warner Bro’s and DC for allowing this to be made.
Hell, even as someone who is against nuclear proliferation I found this movie to be stupid. I’ve seen after school specials handle hard topics with more grace and entertainment than this. People say it was the movie “Steel” that killed the superhero movie genre until the tipple threat of “X-men” “Blade” and “Spiderman” came along, but after watching this, i’m surprised Tim Burton was able two make “Batman” within the same decade this came out.

*Note: No, this doesn’t get a damn trailer. It doesn’t get any pics. I want to rid my mind of this as soon as possible, so i’m not going to re-watch any part of this or look at any pictures from it.


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