A Poor Man Rambles: Batman vs Superman-Who Won!


With the last review having been published, it’s time to see who won this battle of God. Each hero’s movie scored accordingly:


Movie 1: 3/5
Movie 2: 4/5
Movie 3:1.5/5
Movie 4: 0/5
Movie 5: 1/5
Movie 6: 3/5

This give Superman an average score of 2.08/5

Batman scored:

Movie 1: 2/5
Movie 2: 3/5
Movie 3: 2/5
Movie 4: 1/5
Movie 5: 4/5
Movie 6: 4.5/5
Movie 7: 2/5

Giving Batman an average score of 2.6/5
With a lead of .52, Batman wins the day. This victory really comes more due to the fact that we may never see anything as bad as Superman 4 in our lifetime. But it doesn’t hurt that The Dark Knight was just an outstanding film. So what did you think? Who won in your eyes? Leave a comment below and let me know!


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