Introducing Scotty, the Worlds First Telaporter

Scientist from Germany’s Hasso Plattner Institute in Potsdam have created a devise that can actually teleport physical objects. While it may not be very flashy or quite ready for human trials yet, this is an interesting step, and maybe one day “beam me up Scotty” will have some real meaning. 

The device works by having one machine grind away an object while making a memory of it, then the second machine acts as a 3D printer, and prints out a copy of it. As of now it’s a slow process, taking about 90 minuets just for the small items shown in the video. All in all, though, even if this is as far as the technology gets, there are still several real world uses for this kind of tech.

I found this from an The Escapist website, feel free to read the original post,


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