Fantastic Four Trailer: Fantastic might be too Strong a Word

My Thoughts:

This simply doesn’t look good. Sure it looks 1 million times better than i was expecting it too, but let that stand as a testament of just how low my expectations for this film were to begin with. So why do i hate this trailer so much? Well, lets take a look.

First off is the age of the main cast. This casting choice would imply that most of the inspiration for the movie is coming from Marvel’s Ultimate universe. This was mean to be an updated version of their main characters to bring in new readers, and it i almost all universally crap. So to see the film makers going with the Ultimate universe high school age Reed and friends just makes me angry from the start. Then there is the issue with the god awful new costumes. Why does Johnny Storm have vents on his suit? I mean, i get the idea behind it, but who thought that this was a good idea? It doesn’t help matters any that the overall love of the film isn’t that great either. I can’t quite put my finger on why i dislike it so much, but i’m sure it has something to do with the color pallet. And now we’ve come to the big issue, the tone. This just reminds me way to much of DC’s recent out put of superhero movies that seem to have a big “no fun allowed” sign hanging just below the tittle.

I had been wondering why no one at Fox thought to advertise this yet, especially after hearing that the film finished shooting around five mouths ago. After seeing this trailer, i’m wondering why they didn’t just bury it altogether.


One response to “Fantastic Four Trailer: Fantastic might be too Strong a Word

  1. You make a lot of interesting points. I myself actually enjoyed the trailer but that was mostly because it just proved to me that the movie was in fact real haha. There have been so many rumors of production issues and stuff (that I never really believed) and this was at least a good sign.
    The trailer itself though is kind of lame. It’s basically the trailer for Interstellar. And if they really wanted us to get pumped for the movie, they would have stuck on a nice action shot of each character or all of them at once.
    Your point about the darker tones, I kind of agree with, however I don’t believe that they are going for DC’s kind of tone, but more of X-men’s. It is Fox after all, and has the same writer as Days of Future Past. With the success of that, I’m sure this will follow in line with that as far as tone.
    If you check out my blog, I actually wrote an article on the tones of superhero films and why I actually think it’s okay that some are dark and some are more lighthearted. It creates a balance for studios that might actually prevent the genre from getting too stale, too quickly. It was my first post, so it’s easy to find if you’re interested.
    Great blog, keep up the excellent work!


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