Ted 2 Trailer: Is Ted Seth Macfarlane’s Magnum Opus

My Thoughts:

For the most part i like Seth Macfarlane’s body of work.  Like most people i think “Family Guy” has been on air for too long and while i think “American Dad” is consistently funny, i struggle to remember much from it after viewing. And “The Cleveland Show”..well…it just wasn’t very good. Then “Ted” happened and it seemed like Macfarlane had found his calling. He could do more in films that he could in TV and he wouldn’t have to worry about it being on air too long, so it was a perfect fit, right? I thought so until he released “A Million Ways to Die in the West”. The less said about that, the better. So here Macfalane is again, the one area of his career that has held up and has yet to out stay it’s welcome.

For what it’s worth, the film looks fantastic so far. The idea that Ted needs to prove he’s human is a great idea and a perfect evolution of the story. It’s also nice to see that Mark Wahlberg’s character has matured some since the last movie, showing that the previous events had some wight to them. All in all, i’m excited for the movie, but if we get a Ted 3 before Macfarlane does anything else substantial, i think it might be time to hang up his hat.


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