Everly: Go see this movie

My Thoughts:

Everly was released on demand before it hits theaters latter this month and i was lucky enough to be somewhere where i could watch it. And let me tell you: this movie kicks ass. It’s about a woman stuck in a Yakuza owned hotel that doubles as a brothel, and she must fight through wave after wave of increasingly well armed Yakuza hit man. It is insane and a bloody good time (yes, pun induced). On top of that, the man actress is Mexican actress Salma Hayek. The fact of the matter is, roles like this are rare for women, and more reare for Women of Color. That alone almost makes me want to tell you to go see it. But that wouldn’t matter much if the movie wasn’t any good, so let me assure you: it is fantastic. Maybe not as good as “The Raid” or “The Raid 2”, but it is every bit as kick ass as last years surprisingly awesome “John Wick”.

So, one more time: Go. See. Everyly. If you can watch it on demand, do it. If you have to wait until the 27th, do it. just do yourself a favor and see it.


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