What I Want In…Jurassic World.

I was not expecting much from Jurassic World. When 2/3 of a franchise is crap, it gets hard to care. But now after the first trailer and this Super Bowl teaser, i can honestly say i’m getting kind of excited. So, here’s what i want to see when the film is released June 12.

1) A slightly darker, but not too dark, tone.

With a line like “you have 20,000 people here with no where to go” and then the image of a woman being taken by pterodactyl, it’s pretty clear this isn’t going to be the most light-heated movie. And i want them to explore this idea. Just how bad could it get when you have that many people on an island with Dinos chasing after them? But i don’t want this to be the “hard-boiled” version of Jurassic Park. I want the tone to reinforce the fact that this isn’t pleasant, without taking the fun out of the movie. You know, kind of like in the first Jurassic Park.

2) A good long look at the park before all hell breaks lose.

Even though this entire franchise has been saying that a park full of Dinosaurs would be a bad idea, i’d still go if they were real. Sadly, this is probably as close as i’ll ever get. So, before people start becoming Dino chow, i’d like it if the movie spent some time really letting us see the park the way it’s meant to be seen, while every thing is normal. If done right, this could also help build up the suspense too.

3) Chris Pratt and is Army of trained Velociraptors.

This is kind of a cheat as i know it’s going to be in the movie but…damn…this is just awesome. I think i like this in part due to the fact that it helps establish the idea that you can just go and build a new dinosaur. i mean, if you can breed raptors or genetically alter them to behave, then it makes a little more sense that you could do the same and create a new dino. I mean, breeding is how most dog species came to be, but that’s not quite the same thing. At least from what i understand about the movies new super-dino thing.

4) no “you shouldn’t play god” message mongering.

While i love the first Jurassic Park, i hate that the one guy who thought that science was this big bad thing was the guy who ended up being right. In fact that is one trend i just hate all together: anti-science scifi. yes, in the wrong hands anything can be used as a weapon and that includes science. And if the movie wants to make a statement about the miss use of power, fine, so long as that doesn’t mean demonizing intelligent people outright.

5) practical effects.

The T-Rex from Jurassic Park still looks great. The first time we see a chest burster in Alien still looks great. The guys head blowing up in Scanners still looks great. Why? Practical effects. While i’m ok with CGI, and in fact i don’t know how they’d even pull of a movie like this without it, i want to see plenty of real, physical effects used.

Well, that’s it for me. What about you? what do you want to see in the film? leave a comment below and let me know!


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