What I want In…Marvels Spider-Man Movie

spider manNow that it is confirmed that Spider-Man will be joining the MCU, i have a list of Demands i want fulfilled. Or at the very lest, here as some things that i think would be cool.

1) No Origin Story.

By now i’m pretty sure Spider-man is as well known to pop culture as Superman is. We have had two big budget spider man series, each with their own origin story. By now you either know how spider-man became spider-man or you just don’t care. So skip this part and just give us a good story and good action.

2) Donald Glover as Spider Man


And no, i don’t want him playing the crappy Ultimate Universe Spider-man, Miles Morales. I want him playing the original and iconic Peter Parker. Why? For four reasons. The first is Marvels nearly unbearable lack of diversity. Giving a role this iconic to an actor of color wouldn’t solve all their problems, but it would be a start. Secondly Donald Glover is awesome and needs more love. It’s that simple. third, it’ll help audiences understand better that this is in no way connected to the crappy “amazing spider-man” movies. Fourth, for why he has to be Peter parker: i really just hate the Marvel Ultimate Universe and don’t want it getting any more creditability or attention than it has already. Childish? Yeah, but true none the less.

3) One villein at a time.

While i think a super hero movie with more villeins could work, they haven’t for Spider-man so far, so lets just keep it simple for right now, yeah?

4) Show us the Marvel Difference.

I know i personally have had fun making fun of how badly Fox and Sony have done with their Marvel licenses lately (when i’m not busy being sad over how badly Fox and Sony have done with their Marvel licenses lately) but now Marvel needs to prove this is where there hero’s belong. If we waited this long and the movie sucks i’d ratter just see the silver-screen version of this character die.

And for right right now that’s what i want to see. How about you? What do you want to see from this next Spider-man movie? Leave a comment Below and let me know.

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