What’s Happening at The Escapist

I woke up today (Tuesday, February 17) and did the same thing I always did. I had a cup of coffee and checked my email, the I headed strait to The Escapist to watch the new episode of MoiveBob’s show “The Big Picture”. This was going to be the highlight of my day, as I love MovieBobs work and find him to be an huge inspiration. But you know what I found instead? Nothing. MovieBob was fired. I don’t know why, but after checking his own website, The Game Overthinker I found that this was as surprising to him as it was to me.
This is the third time i’ve seen The Escapist, who were one of my favorite game websites, let go my favorite parts of their cast. The first time was when they dropped the guys from Extra Credits. This really made me sad as they were one of the first people I knew off who were really trying to analyze games and gaming in order to make them better.
Then, only a few mouths ago the company let go Jim Sterling, a huge consumer advocate who never stood for corporate nonsense, even going so far as to criticize he liked when they were deserving of it. And now Moviebob, who’s film reviews perfectly combined the mind of a high minded film student and long time geek, giving me a critic who I could trust on both blockbusters and wannabe Oscar nominees. And with the creative freedom he had with The Big Picture, he often brought to mind things I had never known about of forgotten about or he took a stand on an issue, saying what i’ve been thinking but didn’t quite have the words for.
Now, if you are as smart as I think you are, you noticed the troubling trend here: these were all the “smart geeks” who each tried to push the industry to try and be better. And sure, The Escapist still has Yatee and his Zero Punctuation, but his over critical review style has, ironically, made it hard for me to take his criticisms seriously one anything deeper than a game by game basis. Like when a really pessimistic person acts like they were always right when a bad day comes. Yes, asshole, if you say every day will suck you will be right every once in a while, that doesn’t make you insightful.
Whither or not you liked or even agreed with the views they shared (god knows I didn’t always agree with everything they had to say) you have to admit that they were at least ready to start conversations that we in the gaming and geek community need to start having, and to see them all losing their platforms to do so is a loss for us all.
When I started this page a year ago from yesterday, I was hopping that one day I might use It to land a job over at The Escapist. Now i’m wondering why I should even bother going to the website anymore. So if anyone reading this works for The Escapist, please tell me one thing: what the hell is going on over there?


4 responses to “What’s Happening at The Escapist

  1. Yeah its crazy they’re losing a lot of people. I still think Bob can land on his feet like when he jumped from Screw Attack. There’s a big opportunity for video makers to have their own channels, their own money and even Patreon like Jim Sterling.


    • Yeah, I’m sure moviebob will e fine. he uploaded a new movie review to his youtube yesterday and said on his blog that hes already got a lot of offers, so i’m sure things willbe fine. But…i really use to love The Escapist and this just made me kind of sad. Anyway, thans for the comment.


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