Really That Good: Moviebob’s New Show

My Thoughts:

Earlier this week i wrote about the disturbing trend of The Escapist to fire it’s more high-profile and high minded contributors. This was in response to Moviebob being fired, as he was always one of my favorite people working at the site. Well it seems that things may be looking up for Mister Chipmin, as  he plans to launch a new show called “Really That Good”.

This is exactly the reason why i liked Moviebob so much to begin with, his positivity, and i for one think this show can be really interesting as a counter point to critics like the Nostalgia Critic, Cinema Sins, and so on.

Like i did with Jim Sterling and Extra Credits i’m showing this too you because i think it’s worth your time, and if you would like to help Mr. Moviebob out, you can do so at his Patreon.


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