40 Minutes of Final Fantasy 15 Gameplay and Impressions

My Thoughts:

To any Japanese readers who may come across this: i do not speak Japanese, so if any of the issues i have with this video are actually discuses please feel free to inform me. To all readers lie me who also don’t speak Japanese, please note that due to this language barrier my analysis should be taken with a grain of salt, as the commenters could very well be addressing my issues.

With that out of the way….

God damn this game looks good. I mean it is just gorgeous to look at. Unfortunately i said the same thing about FF 13, and we all now how that ended up. Because of that i’ve been pretty worried about this game. It could have just as easily been the same good looking mess that 13 was, especially when you remember that this started out as “verses 13” and development started at the same time.

Well it seems like the team over at Square Enix wanted to address these concerns and showed us that the world would be much more open that last time witch is a good start in my eyes. It also seems like the game is going to be using a real time combat system, witch i am all fore. However, there are long stretches here the player simply isn’t doing anything and i’m not sure why. were they talking to the other commenters? is there an action bar or stamina gauge you have to wait to refill? where they trying to show off the team A.I.? This is the kind of thing i’d really like to know but am completely in the dark about.
On that same note, why does the playable characters weapons keep changing? Do you equip more than one and have them mapped to different face buttons, cuz that could be pretty cool. Or does the weapon just change on it’s own? However, i do lie the fact that the battles aren’t random and that you can avoid them if you want. Many saw random battles as one of the biggest annoyances of the franchise. I have to say i agree and I’m glad to see this being addressed at last.

While seeing the game in motion was nice, there were to many times i ended up skipping through the video cuz it felt like nothing was going on. I’ hoping this is another case of the language barrier getting in the way of my understanding, but if not, then large portions of the game are going to be very boring. And boring is the worst sin entertainment can commit. It’s better to be bad than boring, cuz that can still be entertaining. I guess we’ll see when the game comes out.

And if anyone from IGN is reding this, please add captions or something next time. This would make things a lot better for me as a critic, sure, but also as a fan.


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