On the Topic of Batman Arkham Knight’s “M” Rating

Today we learned that the last chapter in Rocksteady’s “Arkham” franchise will be getting an “M” rating, a first for the franchise. I’ve been going over this in my head for the last few hours and i’e thought of two potentially great things that could come out of this, and one that could make everything go very, very wrong. Now, as seeing that I am such a positive person, let’s start with the good, shall we?
The first good thing is that, as this is the last game, we may be able to see the Villains truly be villainous. Batman has one of the best rouges gallery in comics, but due to a lot of restraints that come with a PG-13 or “T” rating we hardly ever got to see them in a light that truly lets that shine. Sure, good creators have been able to work around this (my favorite incarnation of the dark knight is still the 90’s cartoon witch was aimed at kids and thus couldn’t be all that dark), but this freedom could show us way exactly Batman has to do what he does. The steaks here should be at their highest and an “M” rating could easily make that possible.
Another good thing: as Scarecrow is the main villain, we will most likely get some more sections where he drugs batman like in the first game(something noticeably lacking the “Arkham City”). With the freedom an “M” rating gives the creative team, just think about how much scarier these can be. Think about how SPOILER WARNING the jokers death in “Arkham City effected Bruce Wayne and how Scarecrow could use that to really mess with Batman’s head.
The “M” rating could allow us to see something a lot of comic book writes have issues with: giving us dark stories that do not delve into complete pessimism and nihilism. We can see the villains at there worst, show us exactly what the hero has to face, then show us how our hero is, in fact, the hero. That is, of course, assuming that the creative team are all on the ball.
However, there is one way that this game could have gotten an “M” rating that will turn some comic reading gamers off (myself included), maybe so far as to have them avoid buying the game all together. And that’s if the devs. are taking their ques from comic writers like Frank Miller. You can’t deniers his work has had a lasting impression on both Batman and comics as a whole (for better or…no, no, just for the worse) so it would make sense from a marketing stand point to try and ape his work. But with how poorly his work has stood up over time, and with how unlikable he tends to be in general, taking your lead from him is a surefire way to make a crappy product (in my opinion, of course). Now, there are other bad writers who the team could be fallowing who would also make for a bad game but….lets be honest, it’s fun to make fun of Frank Miller.
So what do you think? What do you see as the potential positives or negatives of an “M” rated Batman? Leave a comment below and let me know!

Does anyone want the writer of this crap being the inspiration for a batman game?

Does anyone want the writer of this crap being the inspiration for a batman game?


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