On the Topic of the “All Male Ghostbusters Reboot”.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you might have heard of the female remake/reboot of the 1984 comedy classic “Ghostbusters”. And if you heard anything about that, you probably also heard the choirs of whining about how there aren’t any male leads. Well, Sony has responded to that by making a companion film staring a male cast….kind of. From what I heard this isn’t exactly what most people seem to think it is, but the news and the way it was announced is still somewhat troubling. So lets take a look at the good, the bad and the unnecessary over this whole contravention.
First off, lets look at the idea of a female led “Ghostbusters” film. In theory I have nothing against the idea. To be honest, i’m all for just about anything that will add more diversity to film, games and comics. If the movie is well cast, well written and well directed the gender of the cast and crew really shouldn’t matter all that much anyway, right? So, lets see who we’re working with here. The film will star:
Kristen Wiig, who was in both “Her” and “Bridesmaids” both of which I really enjoyed.

Melissa McCarthy, also of “Bridesmaids” and a lot of other work I haven’t actually seen, but I have heard some bad things about her more recent output.

Kate McKinnon, who i’ve never heard of.

Cecily Strong who I again never heard of.

And lastly, there is
Leslie Jones. Again, i’ve never heard of her.

So, yeah, i’m a bit worried about the cast. There are too many unknowns (for me) here to have any idea of how the movie will turn out. There is definitely some talent, but every good actor has made a bad movie or two. Personally, I think they should have gone the easy rout and gotten some bigger names. People we know are funny, as we all still remember just how bad this franchise can get (Ghostbusters 2 was not a good movie. It just wasn’t). But for now it’s too early to tell.
Now lets look at the director, Paul Feig. He directed “Bridesmaids” as well as some TV work I really liked, but there’s not much there I know. So again, I think it would have been better to get someone…i don’t what to say better but…maybe a more certain choice. So in the case of the whines, I get. I do. This is looking like a huuuuuuge risk. Nothing about this movie is certain. However, none of that has to do with the gender of the cast. If this movie does suck it will be because of casting, sure, but the same could be said of most “all male” comedies too. But nothing ventured, nothing gained, right? Sony is rolling the dice on this one, for sure, but i’d rather watch a bad movie that does something new rather than a bad movie trying to play it safe.
So now on too the “Male only” reboot. Most of the complaining about this annoys me because most of it is…well….not quite right. Most of the complaints i’ve heard compare this to “The Hardy Boys” and “Nancy Drew”, give us effectively the “boys” version and the “girl” version of essentially the same thing. From what I heard, however, this isn’t actually going to be a “ghostbusters” movie. Instead (again, assuming what I heard is correct) it’s going to be a male spin off set in the “extended ghostbusters universe”. They’re making there own “MCU” as it were. While I think this is stupid it’s understandably stupid. With all the money Marvel has made by effectively making audience have too see all their movies to understand the next one I get why Sony would want to jump on the shared continuity bandwagon. And if what I heard is true and this is a spin off dealing with other mythological creatures or what ever this could be cool. I mean, think about how cool it would have been is “Men In Black” and “Ghostbusters” were part of the same world? I don’t know about you but i’d dig the hell out of that.
However, I think there is an issue that the first think either announced or marketed about the film was that it had all male leads. The fact is, this shows how incredibly sexist we as a society are. The idea that when women are finally getting some resignation we need to “make up for it” by giving men more resignation just doesn’t make much sense.
In the end, I get it. No one wants a bad vertion of something you love. But let me ask you this, if the movie stared Vince Vaughn, Adam Sandler and Rob Schneider, would that be better? Hell no. none of them are funny, regardless of their gender. Bad actors make bad films. I get that, and i’m not going to say you shouldn’t question the casting choises, but question the actors, not their damn gender.


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