What I Want In…Persona 5

I Freaking Love the “Persona” games. While they are only one part of the “Shin Megami Tensei” mega-seires (that includes the “Persona”, “Devil Survive” and other game sires with in it), this is a franchise I can;t get enough of. Hell, as of right now i’m replaying P3 (to be reviewed soon…ish) and am going to buy P4 when I finally get paid. So naturally, when I heard about Atlus making a new game, I got excited. So here is what I want in this newest installment.
Combine the best parts of P3 and P4.
Persona 4 had a much better story that Persona 3 did, however, as it was made to introduce new gamers to the franchise, the gameplay and RPG mechanics were a little more laxed. So for P5, I want the whole package. I want the more in depth RPG that Persona 3 had, but with a more gripping story like P4.

The Ability to Skip School.
For those who haven’t played the game, the major draw is that half your time in spent in school or with friends, and the other half in spent fighting monsters. In your downtime you increase stats like “Intelligence” “Courage” and “Charm” or increase your “social links” with friends that give you benefits when using certain personas. You only have a certain amount of time each day however, so you have to choose between fighting and level grinding, getting closer with friends or increasing stats. However, in both P3 and P4, you had to go to school. I think it would be interesting if Atlus gave us the ability to skip class, and maybe add in a new social link that could only be advanced by doing so? Or maybe just give us a third time slot to upgrade out stats. Either way, the option alone would be nice.

The Ability to Romance Anyone.
While the Romances in each game haven’t been too important, I still think it would be nice if Atlus would remember that there are gamers in the LGBT community, so some recognition for them would be nice. Hell, P4 had an openly gay character (unless you played the American version in which this was downplayed in fear of losing sells due to the contraries rapid homophobia) but you still couldn’t romance him. So yeah, bite the bullet and give us the option. And for those who are going to whine about playing as a homo or bisexual character like you did when Mass Effect gave us the same choose, my out look is the same: you don;t want to play the character that way, fine. That doesn’t mean others shouldn’t have the opportunity to play him the way they want too.

Those are the major things i’d like to see in Persona 5. What about you? Are you a fan of the franchise and if so what would you like too see? Leave a comment below and let me know!


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