Just Cause 3 Game Play Trailer and Impressions

My Thoughts:

I think me and the Game Industry have vastly different ideas on what constitutes a “game play” trailer. With the exception of one or two moments throughout this trailer everything looked like either cutscene footage or overly scripted game play that tells us very little about the actual game. But what we got is what we got, and what we got looks a hell of a lot of  deja vu.

I said in my review for “Just Cause 2” that the game seemed to aim for “good enough” instead of be anything truly meaningful. So long as the player was having fun the game didn’t mind having obvious flaws. And for the most part i did have fun with it. And Just Cause 3 is looking like much of the same. A little too much, actually. Other than the fact that this new installment is clearly better looking that the last game, a lot of the in game assets look recycled. I mean, the oil tanks that show up around the 40 second mark, look exactly like the ones i blew up in the last game. It also doesn’t help that the main game play hooks here are the same that were used to sell both previous installments, namely the grappling hook and vehicle surfing, and parachute gliding.

If the game is just more “Just Cause 2” then i’m sure it’ll still be a fun game, but i think it’s something of a misstep to only show us what we’re expecting. This franchise can survive B-movie level writing and less that perfect controls, but it can’t survive stagnation. No matter how fun the game will be, if it’s just more of the same, why not just pick up a copy of the older (and thus cheaper) “Just Cause 2”? Maybe developer Avalanche Studios will show us something new before launch, but for now i can’t say i’m as excited as i thought i’d be. 


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