Fallout 4 Trailer and Impressions

My Thoughts:

I didn’t love Fallout: New Vegas as much as most others i know did. Little had been changed between the previous game and New Vegas and the world felt empty, making me wonder way i didn’t just play Fallout 3 again. But the biggest issue was the story. In Fallout 3 i felt like i was playing the life of a man who history would remember. i under stood the end goal and knew why it had to be reached. In new Vegas, on the other hand, i felt like some idiot that went looking for trouble.

Well it seems like Bethesda agrees and has gone back to the “you just left the vault” set  up from Fallout 1 and 3. Personally i don’t mind this too much, as this structure helped the pacing of Fallout 3’s intro significantly. But i do kind of wish Bethesda could find another way to tell a compelling story with out this narrative crutch. But hey, you can start out as a prisoner in every “Elder Scrolls” game, so maybe they just work better with an established set up.

You may have noticed i haven’t talked about the trailer itself much. That’s because there isn’t much to talk about. I did like the looks back at pre-war America, but i doubt it’ll impact the game much. And while i love dogs and including them is a pretty sure fire way to get my attention, the inclusion of the dog here just felt like a callback to Fallout 3’s “Dogmeat”

Look Familiar?

Look Familiar?

In the end i get a very strong sense that Bethesda are trying to recreate the magic of Fallout 3 by essentially remaking Fallout 3. This is all based off the first trailer, so there is plenty of time for me to be proved wrong, but first impressions mean a lot. I just find it odd that they wouldn’t show us what’s going to make this game feel new. With all that said though, you might as well tell the Conductor to come punch my ticket because i’m very much on the hype train.


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