The Extra Credit Guys take on Dark Souls


If you read my review for Dark Souls, then you know i haven beat the game yet. Well, i’ve been trying to fix this by playing the crap out of the game for the past few days (as of right now i’m at level 60 and am about to take on the Anor Londo boss) Well it seems that Daniel Floyd the voice from Extra Crdits is right there with me, and he and James Portnow (the shows writer) have gotten together and have started a new show: Side Quest. The point of the show? Beat Dark Souls. They look at the game form a design stand point as well, but the main point of the show is simply to see if they can get through the game. I meant to upload this when they uploaded the first time….but i got distracted. Today the uploaded the third and fourth episodes…and guess what i’ve got here….give the episodes a look, especially if you’ve wanted to get into the game but have been scared off by the games difficulty.

Episode 1:

Episode 2:

Episode 3:

Episode 4:


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