Bioshock Review

Before getting into the review i’d like to point out one thing: This isn’t my review. This review is by Aaron Morrsi of Aaron Morrsi Reviews. If you like my stuff you’ll probably like his too, so check out what he had to say about the first Bioshock game. ANd if you want to read my review of the same game, head over to his blog and you can find it there on top of his other reviews. With that out of the way, enjoy the reivew.

To anybody that didn’t know this, 2K is my favourite gaming company mainly because of the bioshock series. Plus they also make borderlands which put them above square enix a few years ago. Not only is 2K my favourite game company but Bioshock is my favourite non handheld gaming series and if another Bioshock game comes out I can really see the series passing Pokémon.
The story behind bioshock is amazing, you were in a plane crash where you landed in between the rumble of the plane in the sea. You start swimming and that is when you come to a tower which has no right to be there right in the middle of the sea. When you enter the tower you will come across a ball shaped elevator which will take you down. Little did you know that below the surface of the sea there is a hidden city know as rapture.
The first voice you while hear from the diary system is a man called Atlas who need your help to bring rapture back to the city it once was before Andrew Ryan took over. So right from the beginning you have your story line in a nutshell kill Ryan and then rapture will be for Atlas to make it back to the city it once was. However, it is not that simple as you will have to go through many different tasks such as kill certain enemies, collect certain items and while doing all this make yourself stronger by getting your hands on some Adam. Now this is where bioshock get creepy, the only way in which you can get Adam is from a little sister, but all little sister are guarded by a big daddy/Rosie. So once you manage to kill the big daddy, which is a mini boss you will have the choice between two options. Harvest the little sister, this is where you kill her and take every piece of Adam she has or you can save her and only get 80 Adam but for every 3 or 4 sister you ‘save’ you will get a special prize where you will receive about 200 Adam, a special ability and cash. Personally through this run on my PlayStation 3 I decided on just saving all the little sisters as I have always just harvested them through my other play throughs.
Once you have made it through all main levels it is time to face Ryan. This is where the story takes a big twist, it turns out you are being controlled by three words ‘would you kindly’ and the person that is controlling you is Atlas, the person we all thought was the good guy and we have been helping him and giving him exactly what he wants. It is after we have killed Ryan that we find out he isn’t even called Atlas he is in fact called Frank Fontaine, who is the main rival to Ryan as he wanted to control the city. So after being told that our whole lives and memories was made up and we were created by Frank, we are told by the mother of the little sisters that there is a cure that will make us normal and will no longer be controlled by those three words. After taking the antidote that cures our mind control we now have one mission left KILL FRANK FONTAINE. So after setting out on this mission we find out that Frank has been looking for Adam his whole life and has been saving it and absorbing it until he has become all powerful and the only way for us to stop him is by draining out the Adam from him just like the little sister do. This means we have to become a big daddy so that we have a chance of stopping Frank. After a massive boss battle with Frank in his full Adam form, I am pretty sure that depending on what you did with the little sister there is a different ending but I made sure that I saved every little sister I encountered that all the little sisters I saved came out of the vents at once and managed to get Frank to the ground and absorbed all the Adam until he died.
Even though the game was created in 2008 I still think it has aged well, with a lot of the game being in a darkened environment and all the sea outside I still think this game has amazing graphics for its time and I think 2K took all the potential the PS3 and Xbox 360 had and used it all with these graphics. Yes compared to some modern games such as the order 1886 they simply don’t compete but on the ps3 there is very little competition to this game.
I played through the whole game on with PS3 headphones on and I am really glad I did, as the story developed I found that some parts of the game would go really quite as if something was about to jump out at me and then when full action was happening and about 3 or so enemies where coming at me the music would change to something slightly more fast paced but still kept the same erry sound music and I simply loved every second of it.
This is something I have yet to do on a review but it is something I though I would mention. I personally didn’t like the bumper set, I hate using R2 and L2 for shooter as I don’t think they are responsive enough. When I played through bioshock infinite I was happy to see that they had added the option to switch the controls. So I was slightly disappointed when I didn’t see this feature in Bioshock
To help show you the way in this game there will sometimes be an arrow in the middle top of the screen, some people might like this feature but for me not so much as I personally think that it makes the map irrelevant as it is showing you the step by step way to get to the next objective. I HATE THIS ARROW
My overall opinion
I might be slightly biased about this game as I have played it about 10 times since I first played it on my xbox in 2009 but I still couldn’t find much wrong with the game. That is why I am giving it 9/10 and if they didn’t have the arrow and had the option to switch the controls to a way you would enjoy then an easy 10/10

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