Doom 8 Minutes of Game Play Footage E3 2015 and Impressions

For game plat footage, see below.

Bethesda kicked ass with their presentation, giving us both a good look at Doom and Fallout 4, while also showing us some up coming projects that seem pretty cool as well. But for now, lets focus on Doom.

I was impressed when the first thing Bethesda showed was game play. In my mind if you can’t show the audience game play footage then you shouldn’t be marketing your game yet. And while they did have their share of CGI and prerendered trailers too, starting with this set the right mood. And that mood can best be summonsed by the phrase “hell yeah!”

To me, this is the game Doom 3 should have been. While i did enjoy the game, it’s hard to argue that it took more from “System Shock 2” rather than “Doom”, and it seems that was the main complaint the development team here are trying to fix. It may be in the other game play video they showed (witch i couldn’t find), but this game sold me when it showed you FEEDING A DEMON ITS OWN HEART! that’s just freaking cool. More importantly, the game seems fun. Remember when shooters were fun? Remember “Painkiller” and “Serious Sam”? Remember when shooters weren’t just “shoot this variation of non-white guy”? I do, and i miss those times. And with this and “Wolfenstine: The New Order” it seems like fun is coming back to shooters in a big way. Personally, i’m glad to see it.

What about you? what are your thoughts? leave a comment below and let me know.


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