Horizon: Zero Dawn E3 Demo and Impressions

My Thoughts:

A bow wielding huntress fighting a technologically advanced enemy. Does this remind anyone of certain parts of American History? Am i the only one thinking the human members of the cast seem to be borrowing a lot form what we think of when we talk about pre-columbus native societies? If not, let me ask if i’m the only one thinking that the main character should have been a Native American Woman?

As much as it bothers me that they made a white character thin coded her Native American, i also can say that watching her take down a robot T-rex wasn’t awesome. Personally, i’m kind of excited for this game, but when the cries of whitewashing come up and people say they arn’t going to buy it because of that, i’m also not going to defend the game either.


2 responses to “Horizon: Zero Dawn E3 Demo and Impressions

  1. I think you might be reading a little too much into this one. I actually didn’t see the Native American connection until your post, but it does make a certain sense. After the primitive cave paintings it showed in the beginning, I think my mind immediately went to cave people fight robot dinosaurs, which struck me as the kind of thing someone trying way too hard to be creative would come up with. But the idea of the game has grown on me a little since then, so I hope it will turn out good.


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