The Last Guardian E3 Demo and Impressions

My Thoughts:

I first heard about this game…6 years ago, i think it was. And this is is the first time i heard about it since then.So if anything at lest we know it’s here. The 2016 release date wasn’t expected, but hey, i’m not complaining. But after such a long wait, i’m left feeling a little….unimpressed. The game looks sweet, with the saw the dog,,,dragon…thing…whines and is made to seem like it cares for the child, but this demo seems like it’s still banking on peoples love of ICO and Shadow of the Colossus to generate positive buzz and sales. But i never played either of those (i know, i know, they’re on my “to do” list) so this demo felt unimpressive. I’m hoping the game is good, i really am, but this demo didn’t do much for me.


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