GoodBadFlicks Patreon

So, as you may know, i like taking some time to direct you towards Partreons and kickstarters i think are worth a look, and today i have another: GoodBadFkicks. Cecil here has been on youtube for the last five years, and i’ve been subscribed for the last year or so. He does reviews of movies that are all either So bad their good, low budget movies that were unfairly judged or other kinds of “slock” movies he finds.

On top of that he does weekly netflix recommendations which is…exactly what it sounds

like, and “WTF Happened too…” where he talks about different aspects of film making and talk about their evolution and where they’ve gone wrong.

His content is consistently worth while in my opinion, and i think you should give his work a look. If you like what you see, think about sending him a few bucks over  patreon. You can find that here: GoodBabFlicks Patreon.


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