American Ultra Trailer and Impressions

My Thoughts:

Call me a square if you want, but in 23 years i’ve never smoke pot nor drank anything harder than a soda. This is mostly due to knowing about my families incredibly long history of substance abuse from an early age and a strange personal fear of not being in control of my own mind. Because of this, the genre of “stoner comedy” has never been a huge draw for me. I’ve seen a few, and like some but when everyone was going crazy over “Pineapple Express” i was just sitting there going “why is this funny”?

If nothing else, at lest i can say i get the joke here. Jesse Eisenberg plays a stereotypical slacker stoner who finds out he is a Jason Bourne style badass. Okay, i can get behind that, that’s a funny enough set up….so why am i not laughing. The issue is that Eisenberg doesn’t really come off as a badass. Again, i get that that’s the joke, but in all the trailers action scenes it feels less like he’s kicking ass and more like people are letting him win. This could just be a poor trailer, but if this is what’s meant to draw me into theaters, the should have spent more time on it.


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