A little Help Please?

I’ve noticed with this godawful new WordPress layout my posts haven’t been showing up with an image or video preview. Like, when i upload trailers you have to click on the article before seeing it. Is this happening for anyone else, and if so how do you fix it? And if any staff is reading this, at lest let us have the option of changing back to a format that doesn’t suck.


2 responses to “A little Help Please?

    • well, it use to like this: if you added a video to your post, that would be the preview. if it was all photos, the first one added to the post would be the one that shows up. Now, my previews hardly show up, and when they do it seems to be random as to which pic will show up. i poseted a spoiler image for Antman had had to rush to fix my post because that was the image that showed up. i really hate this new layout…

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