Gamergate: The Worst Thing to Happen to Gaming Since E.T.

images   How long has it been since the words “Gamergate” has broke into the popular lexicon like a mentally deficient Chestburster? Wikipedia says the “movement” started back in August 2014. If that’s true, then I would like to congratulate each and every “gater” for their accomplishment. The speed at which Gamergate when from an adorable grouping of imbeciles to the festering wound of embarrassing bigotry that oozes out of the mouth of every subhuman neanderthal with a controller or mouse and keyboard proves once and for all that light is not the fastest force in the galaxy, but rather the infection rate of internet stupidity is. So I lift my glass to you all: here’s to making the world a worse place in just 11 months.
Now, because I know that most “Gaters” are illiterate (I mean, how else could you think “video games should be censored” and “video games should be less sexist” are ever remotely the same) let me spell out for you exactly what I think: Gamergate is, with no exception nor hyperbole, the worst thing that has happened to gaming since E.T. caused the crash of 1983.
Even with Video games being at their most popular and the time being ripe for a massive cultural perception shift to make it more universally understood that video games are an art, Gamergate has forever changed the image of gamers from “Basement Dwelling Nerds” to “Pants Shitting Lobotomized Toddlers” crying not because some one is taking away their toys, but because someone dared make toys that weren’t for them. Gamergate isn’t a cancer, as cancer is natural, unavoidable for some and, more importantly, treatable. Gamergate is poison, one that the gaming community is overdosing on.
A couple of days a go I uploaded this image to my tumblr page….

tumblr_nryu8qj7YS1uv2zsio1_1280…and the response I got was one of the most disgusting things I’ve witnessed in a long time. One of the first comments on the post started with “This bitch needs a slapping” and from there it was nothing but constant derailment. It was literally too much to comprehend for these numbskulls that calling for censorship and calling for more diversity in character and experience are not the same thing.
A lot of this stupidity comes from the misunderstanding of what we calling for diversity are actually asking for, so let me clear this up for all the dumb asses in the room. See, none of us really care that there are games with Iron Bikini Armor, Impossable Proportioned Women or even All White Casts: this issue is that these are in most games. I don’t care that Duke Nuken is a Sexist, I don’t care that GTA5 had an all Male cast, I don’t even right-wing xenophobia that makes the entirety of the Call of Duty franchise. See, with each of those games I can ignore. I can just move on and find another game that more appeals to me. But for women and people of color, this is much harder to do as a lack of representation leads to these two groups almost always seeing themselves as sex objects or as villains.
This. Needs. To. Change.
Now, I like big tits and big, testosterone spewing guns in my games as much as the next heterosexual guy does, and yes, as much as most “Gaters” do as well. But the fact is, I am one person, one part of the gaming’s worldwide fan base. So why is it that nearly every game that comes out seems to be aimed at me? Why should it be a rarity for a game to feature a playable female lead when women make up nearly half of gaming’s fan base?
What Gamergate doesn’t seem to understand is that NO ONE IS TRYING TO TAKE YOUR TOYS AWAY. We are trying to make gaming more enjoyable for more than just Cisgender Heterosexual White Men, and it’s gamergate that’s actively fighting this. You’re not fighting against censorship or for the integrity of artistic vision, you’re fighting to keep “the other” out. And frankly, you can go fuck yourself.


One response to “Gamergate: The Worst Thing to Happen to Gaming Since E.T.

  1. Truth be told, I don’t think this scandal actually created any jerks. I think the loudest people in this movement were jerks to begin with and this event just gave them a collective outlet. Without a common target, the best they could do was mildly annoy some people they didn’t agree with.

    Just the name of the movement, GamerGate, donates a lot of arrogance on the participants’ part. It’s like saying that you’re not a gamer unless you help us in our struggle. I like games and I couldn’t care less about their plight. They ostensibly care about ethics in video game journalism, yet do wholly unethical things to right these supposed wrongs? The cognitive dissonance would be enough to make a normal person’s head spin.

    I think it also stems from them having been bullied for liking games when growing up. It’s a turnabout of fortune for these people and, suddenly, they have the chance to inflict their childhood grief on others. In doing so, they’ve become the very people they despised all those years back.

    It’s because of people like this that there’s something of a negative stigma attached to being a gamer. As a contrast, nobody makes fun of you for being a movie buff. It’s almost as if these “gamers” made a list of every negative stereotype associated with the subculture and decided to live up to every single one of them – sort of like the psycho ex who went ballistic when they got slapped with a restraining order. I don’t think it will last, though. One day, people will realize these “gamers” are outliers, and the moment they do is the moment these insane philosophies bite the dust.

    In short, this movement hasn’t gone anywhere and anything good accomplished by it would be purely accidental.

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