Half-Life 3 Confirmed!!!….To Probably Never Happen


Last Friday YouTube channel “The Know” uploaded a video where they claimed that an anonymous inside source from valve confirmed two things: Half-Life 3 is, in fact,in development. The script is done and the events are all laid out and at one time it had a team of over 200 people working on it. And we will probably never see it released.This is due too two reasons: The first being that due to the money Valve is making from their Free-to-Play games and the 30% take they get from third party steam sells, they simply don’t need to release the game financially speaking.

The other issue is how Valve feels Gaming Culture has changed. Valve feels that nothing they create can live up to the massive amount of hype Half-Life 3 has accumulated, and with gamer back lash towards other “subpar” games like “Mass Effect 3”, “Dragon Age 2” and so it, Valve feels it’s simply not worth putting their developers through that.

This isn’t to say that Half-Life 3 will never be release. If there is a massive change in Valves financial future, a massive change in internet culture or if they felt the release of Half-Life 3 could prop up a new technology, we could still get our hands on it. However, all of those are highly unlikely to happen.

You can find the Know’s video (my source for all of this) Here.


One response to “Half-Life 3 Confirmed!!!….To Probably Never Happen

  1. Personally the only reason why I would even want half life 3 is because I’m sick of people saying it’s confirmed bit like hoenn remakes they where a big let down because of all the hype


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