Question: What Would Make You Consider Funding a Patreon?

patreon-logoSo, I want to make this very clear: as of right now I have no intention of starting a Patreon or asking for donations. I’ll take any if you want to give them, but I’m not asking. Yet. See, I would like to make a career out of this. I really, honestly would. But I’m waiting until I can do reviews of more current games. Plus, I’m going back to school this September to get a deeper understanding of Journalism to make myself more creditable. I’ve been thinking that when I can afford to get a PS4 I’m going to create a new account and try and focus more on games (as much as I love movies I feel they’ve begun to take up too much blog space). But for right now I just want to have a more general conversation about what you would need to see in order to make funding a Patreon worth you’re money from me or anyone. What kind of content would you want too see? How often would you want it? What kind of rewards would you want in return? Leave a comment below and let’s get a discussion going on.


One response to “Question: What Would Make You Consider Funding a Patreon?

  1. Personally for me to fund a patreon I would want amazing content at least once a week if not more, something I know is going to be worth my money so I don’t end up spending $10 a month and nothing is going to be used from it and for there to be something for me like getting to see post slightly earlier then normal or something like that

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