Capcom Continues to Prove it doesn’t know what to do with the Resident Evil Franchise.

capcom_logoDid you know there is going to be a Resident Evil 7? I didn’t until i stumbled across this teaser from December 2014. I’m guessing that due to the subpar reception of both RE 5 and 6 Capcom wanted to downplay this installment as it looks to be more of the same crap every one has gotten tired of. But that’s not the real problem. If that was all we had to worry about this would be just another case of Capcom doing something stupid, and by now i think most of us are use to that. The real insult is that Capcom has announced that they are remaking Resident Evil 0 and they are interested in remaking Resident Evil 2. This comes as no surprise after the success of Resident Evil HD Remaster (the original games second rerelease), but this does show that Capcom have no idea what to do with the franchise anymore.

Capcom clearly understands that the fans want a return of the old school horror feel the earlier Resident Evil games offered, thus the remakes, but then they continue the franchise in a way no one likes. While i’m all for an Artist sticking to their creative vision even if that means losing fans, The Resident Evil games are not exactly Auteur driven games, made to express an artistic vision.

Capcom either stupidly thinks that the poor sales and poorer reviews of the latest Resident Evil Gamers are fans expressing what they want to the same degree that the much more positive reception the Remake got or they simply don’t care. Capcom is either incompetent or apathetic, and i’m not sure which is worse.


One response to “Capcom Continues to Prove it doesn’t know what to do with the Resident Evil Franchise.

  1. Sheesh, I can see why Mr. Inafune left. When it comes to interacting with their fanbase, I’m not sure who is worse: Square Enix or Capcom. Both companies have demonstrated such horrible decision-making skills that it’s something of a miracle neither company has gone bankrupt.


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