Zoolander 2 Trailer and Impressions

My Thoughts:

What the hell is with the flood of sequels to movies from the early 2000’s that we’ve been getting? Zoolander 2, Joe Dirt 2, and Tremors 5 have all either came out or been announced this year and all i can say is: why? Tremors i kind of get; at lest those were good movies but really, who the hell was asking for more Joe Dirt? Are we going to get the “long awaited” 3rd Charlie’s Angels movie too? Oh no, i know, maybe Halle Berry will reprise her role as Catwoman for the DCCU.

Onto the topic at hand…this trailer sucks. When i think of “bland comedy about a really stupid person” this is exactly the kind of thing i think about. From the “let’s talk about something smart sounding that everyone has at least heard about” opening to the “this guy is so stupid he doesn’t get that ‘2oolander’ is a pun because he’s just sooooo stupid and ‘funny'” ending punchline. I don’t know who would want to make this, i don’t know who would want to watch this and i really don’t understand the sudden wave of early 00’s nostalgia.


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