Deadpool Red Band Trailer and Impressions

Ryan Reynolds has been trying and failing (miserably) to be in a good superhero movie for a while now. X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Green Lantern, R.I.P.D., all awful movies the would would have been better off without. However, it seems like Reynolds may have just caught his break.

To be fair, i had little issues with Reynolds last turn as Deadpool. That unholy abomination i blame the screenwriter and director for. But now that the character is in the hands of someone who at lest knows how to pretend they’re interesting in making a good movie, i think Reynolds maybe able to actually show us what he can do with the role. And so far, i’ve liked what i’ve been seeing. I liked this trailer, i liked the test footage, i’ve liked everything so far.

I can’t lie, i’m excited for this one. But things could still go wrong. I’m not blind to that fact. This is director Tim Miller’s first big job, and having a new director brings it’s own challanges, but the screenplay team were they guys that wrote Zombieland, so unless Miller is just incompetent, i think things’ll be fine.

And, Reynolds, this is your chance to prove you’re not a screw up. Don’t let us down.


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