Pointless Update: I Finally Beat Ornstein and Smough


One of the hardest parts about trying to be semi-professional about this blog is how little i get too revisit some of the great games I’ve played. I haven’t been able to play much Shovel Knight after reviewing it and that was one of my favorite games from last year. Hell, i haven’t even gone back to “The Swindle” after reviewing it a couple of weeks ago. However, there are two games i’ve been forcing my self too keep playing because i just love them too death and i want too get as much out of them before moving on. Those games are Dark Souls and Fallout 3.
As the title suggests i just (as it, about five minuets ago from this writing) managed to beat the bosses Ornstein and Smough. I swear to god, these two were the biggest pains in the ass out of everything I’ve gone through so far. Everything else in the game felt fair and balanced save for these two. Not only was the fight hard, but my game kept getting invaded and i lost all my humanity so i couldn’t even bring some help into the fight to distract one of the assholes while i worked on killing the other. but after a very, Very, VERY long fight i managed to beat the both of them ON MY OWN. Any ways, i may do this again when something else cool happens.


3 responses to “Pointless Update: I Finally Beat Ornstein and Smough

  1. Congrats! A lot of people consider this the hardest boss fight in the game. I heard Ornstein becomes very difficult if you defeat Smough first, so it looks like you made the right choice.


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