Another Dark Souls Up Date: I Just Beat The Game

A Little while back I made a post boasting about finally beating Ornstein and Smough for the first time. Well, now I’m back to say that I’ve joined the “I’ve Beaten Dark Souls” club. What a journey that was. Pretty much every boss between Seath the Scaleless and Bed of Chaos. Seath took me a few tries due to me not knowing what was causing me to get cursed and Bed of Chaos….nothing made me feel dumber than learning how to defeat that boss. I must have went at the damn thing 100 times thinking I had to find a way to climb up it. Gwen though, Gwen pissed me right the hell off. It seemed like no matter what I did he could just blow right through both my stamina and health, forcing me to attack with the last of my stamina and hoping he’d jump away long enough for it too recharge, which he never did. But i’ll be damned if I don’t feel like I could take on the entire world right now. I promise I wont flood you guys with this non-scenes now that I started NG+, but I feel good and thought I’d share.


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