Pokémon GO! Trailer and Imressions

Lets get the good out of the way: this is a great trailer. I love watching this, it’s beautiful and has a few really nice moments in it. Now onto the one thing that bothers me about this: i can almost grantee you most of the pokemon you’ll have to search for will be in places like Walmart or Starbucks, the kind of places where once you’re there you’ll be tempted to buy something. That bothers me. A lot. Lets be honest here, the video game industry has bastardized a lot of good ideas and this could easily become the  next big “screw you” to gamers since micro-transactions in $60 games.

I want to be wrong about this one, i really do, but i’ve had my magic video game industry “They Live” glasses on too long to not be thinking about how they intend to screw us over.


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