Yakuza Apocalypse Red Band Trailer and Impressions

A Japanese Vampire movie made by the same people who made the Raid where a group of people get their asses kicked by a guy in a frog costume…Count in me. The trailer for this goes through a few to many conflicting tones and it seems like the film makers didn’t know if they wanted to make am Action Comedy or Horror film, but something about this just clicks for me.Maybe it’s the talent involved. Director Takashi Miike has a pretty solid record (even though i’m personal unfamiliar with his work a lot of people i trust tell me i need to watch his stuff) and the films star is Yayan Ruhian who was in both The Raid films (although in supporting roles both times). The absurd silliness of it may be too much for people, and i respect that, but i think this looks like a lot of fun.


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