Hardcore Trailer and Impressions

While I’d be lying if i said this doesn’t intrigue me, i really can’t say i think this is going to work. Let’s start with the good, because there is a lot here.

Premise wise i am totally on board with this. It may just be an update of Robocop, but considering the cinematic abomination that was the remake I’ll take it. And there are a few really cool scenes here. For example, that shot at the 1:40-ish mark where the protagonist shoots that guy in mid air, that was all kinds of bad-ass. But most importantly, this could be the first good use of found-footage style film making. By making this a first person movie you can use all the same tricks you would in a found footage film, but with out the narrative gymnastics required to have someone filming while the shit is hitting the roof.

Unfortunately, the first person effect is my main issue. Video games get away with these because first-person games are meant to reinforce that you, the player, are the one doing the onscreen actions. I simply don’t think a completely passive experience like watching a film will really benefit from the first person point of view.

Overall, i can say I’m interested in seeing this even if it ends up a failed experiment. If i’m wrong then grate, here’s a new avenue for action movies to explore. Even if i’m right, at lest this will be a more interesting flop than the rest of the underwhelming, Bay-inspired action films we’ve been getting/


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