Persona 5 TGS 2015 Trailer and Impressions

So, first thing you need to know before we start this: i do not speak Japaneses. I did watch a version of the trailer with English subtitles, but that was taken down before i had the chance to do this trailer review. So a lot of this is going off of slightly old memories, so please forgive me if i’m wrong about a few of the finer points here.

So, the main things that i remember is that this game focuses on a demon that can steal peoples hearts. Literally, it’s not a charming devil, just a devil. Like in P3, at night the school changes form, this time called “The Palace” where are protagonist have to explore in order to stop the villain. At first this bothered me because one of my big issues with Persona 3 was that the dungeon began to feel the same after a while.  However, it seems Atlus may have found a way around this. in the trailer you see the group jumping into paintings a la Miro 64, so maybe the paintings serve as the dungeons? I’m not quite sure yet, but that seems likely.

Then there’s the masks being the catalysis for summoning Persona’s. I rather like this too be honest. It goes with the theme of being a thief, and i think it would be interesting, as seeing that the mask comes off when using magic, if there was a boss battle with someone you know and can’t use your personas so they don’t learn your identity.

overall, this was a good trailer and got me even more hyped for the game. Unfortunately, Atlus finally admitted that the reason we haven’t been given a release date is because the game is being pushed back till summer 2016. if it means the game will be good, then fine, whatever. but….damn i really wanted this game….


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