Gamera 2015 Trailer and Impressions

Last years Godzilla was disappointing.The film makers were clearly aiming for a “Jaws” like paces while forgetting that the reason Jaws got away with holding off on showing us the shark for so long was because there was still interesting stuff going on. Instead, we got a bunch of non-characters meandering around on screen misunderstanding the meaning of the word “predator” and an underwhelming final fight in the last half hour. Well, it would seem that one of Godzilla’s cinematic rivals has decided to show up and teach the old lizard how it’s done.

This four minuet trailer is more entertaining that the entirety of last years Godzilla. While that doesn’t mean the film itself will be any good, i found this to be a pleasant surprise. I, as someone who knows very littler about Gamera or the Kaiju genre in general, wasn’t expecting this and yet i can honestly say i’m willing to give this film a watch.


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