Pride and Prejudice and Zombies Trailer and Impressions

I never bothered reading the book of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies because at the time i was made aware of it, i was already done with the zombie craze even if the rest of pop culture hadn’t caught up to me yet. I’ll admit i thought the book had an interesting premise, but it was one i wasn’t going to subject my self too. I was prepared to have the same reaction to the film as well, even if we’re not being bombarded with zombies anymore. However, upon watching the trailer, i’m feeling a little conflicted. As done as i am with Zombies, it does look like the film makers are taking the project seriously and more importantly have given us a full cast of badass ladies. So now the question i’m faced with is: does my apathy towards zombies outweigh my interest in a more diverse action movie? I think this question is going to be the films biggest hurdle. Are audiences willing to put up with more zombies (which we just got done oversaturating ourselves with) to see a female lead action movie (which there aren’t enough of)?  Personally, i’m going to wait for more trailers before deciding how i feel about the film, but this will be an interesting one to watch.


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