Smash Bro.s Introduces Cloud from Final Fantasy 7

I’m not sure what to think about this. On one hand i want to ask what it means that Nintendo is contently having to outsource DLC characters in a franchise that was meant to be a show case for their franchise mascots and on the other i want to jump up and down screaming at the top of my lungs “Cloud’s in Smash Bros, Cloud’s in Smash Bros, i’m going to kick Mario’s ass with Could Strife”. So lets get the good out of the way.

As a character Cloud looks fantastic. It looks like he’s going to be really fun to play and seeing Summons and Omnislash in 3D is just freaking cool. While the Smash Bros website doesn’t have a price listed at the time of writing, looking at other DLC tells us it’s cost around $4-6, and personally I’d be willing to play that.

But here’s what’s bothering me. Smash Bros was meant to be a place for Nintendo characters. While some out side characters made sense to add (like sonic due to the long running rivalry between Nintendo and Sega) a lot of the other don’t; Solid Snake, Pac-Man, MegaMan, Ryu, and now Cloud. I’m starting to feel worried not only that Nintendo is running out of idea’s for Smash Bros, but in general. While we’ve all had our fun making jokes about Nintendo making the same games repeatedly, it does kind of bother me that they’ve had to go this far into keep their games relevant. I mean, Splatoon was the first new IP Nintendo’s developed in about as long as i remember. I’m not saying i mind them adding outside characters, i just wish it didn’t feel like they had to in order to stay relevant.


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