Final Fantasy 7 Remake Tailer and Impressions

My Thoughts:

Well here’s something i wasn’t expecting: Square Enix announcing a game and giving us a real trailer for it in the same year. I mean Christ, what would become Final Fantasy 15 was announced back in 2006, almost 10 years ago and they’ve only recently started really showing us anything about the game. Yet here we are, only seven months past the announcement of the long awaited FF7 and we have our first real trailer. Square, if you happen to be reading this i’m begging you: keep. this. shit. up.

Now on to talking about the trailer itself. First thing, the game looks beautiful. While i still very much believe that Square tends to put too much emphasis on graphics and that their last few games have suffered for this, it’s impossible to say that the games haven’t been some of the best looking at the times of their release. However, i really wish i liked the voice acting as much as i did the visuals. While the actors for Cloud and Barrett do fine, the rest of the cast don’t gel well with me. Wedge’s voice in particular i find grating, and he only has one line in the trailer. that’s not a good sign.

But hey, it’s the game play that real matters, right? So how’s that looking? There are three main things i’m picking up from the trailer, 2 of which i really like. The first is that the game looks like it’s aiming for a more open world feel. The section from 0:45-0:48 makes it look like you can really explore all the towns you’ll be going too, and that makes me super excited. The next part that has me excited is at 1:18, where it shows that you can control Barrett as well as Cloud. In games where you have a full party i love being able to control anyone in the group, and i’m glad to see that that’s the case here.

However, i’m not super happy with how the combat is looking. Once Square said this was a remake and not a remaster, i was pretty sure they’d ditch the traditional turn based menu combat, but replacing it with Kingdom Harts style combat seems to be the wrong way to go in my opinion. As much as i did enjoy the Kingdom Harts games, it can’t be denied that most of the combat was based around massing the X button thoughtlessly. Hopefully Square will add more to this, but as for what they showed here, i’m a little worried.

All in all, i’m excited to see more, but this does damper the hype i had a little.


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