Mile Ahead Trailer and Impressions

I neither like Jazz nor music biopics, so why does this work so well for me? Maybe it’s the complete lack of foreknowledge on the subject that allows me to look over the genre’s tropes, or maybe it’s that Miles Davis (as the character portrayed here, i know nothing of the man in real life and thus wont make any assumptions on him) is so obviously unhinged that just watching him go through the well worn paces of the stereotypical music biopic seems like it would still be a fun ride. In either case this seems like a good time. But i have too ask, what made Don Cheadle think the thing he’s doing with his voice was a good idea? Maybe that’s the way the guy really spoke but… even so it got old fast. I’d still be willing to sit through it too see where the film goes, but i can’t imagination that not being a major criticism for the film upon release.



One response to “Mile Ahead Trailer and Impressions

  1. There’s a fine line with biopics. I used to quite like them, but at some point Hollywood figured out they were Oscar gold, and now you can practically see them grasping for one with every line. I do like Miles Davis (and Jazz) though, so I’ll probably check this one out when it’s released.

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