Dark Souls III Opening Cinematic and Impressions

I don’t think i’m going to be alone in saying that the story is not what really draws me to Dark Souls. I’ve watch more than my fair share of lore videos about the franchise, but the game play has always been the real point of focus here. Because of that, you’re going to have to forgive me for not having much to say about this particular trailer. There are really only two things that pop out at me: 1) This is a much better opening that Dark Souls 2 had (but that’s not hard to pull off) and 2) this just looks stunning. If you’ve been reading my stuff for any amount of time you’ll know i hardly talk about how a game looks as i just don’t think graphics matter as much as others do, but god damn this looks fantastic. The Souls games have always had really beautiful vistas in them, but this blows them all out of the water. Maybe that’s just due to this being made with more powerful hardware, but this is a game i just don’t want too stop looking at. If you hear any weird stories in the coming months about some idiot trying to sell his soul for a PS4 and a copy of this, there’s a chance that might be me, because that is a tempting offer right now.


One response to “Dark Souls III Opening Cinematic and Impressions

  1. I’d say the storytelling of Dark Souls reminds me of Half-Life in that it presents itself really well, but it doesn’t make you pay attention to it if you just want to have fun with the game. It’s the kind of storytelling that complements the medium more effectively than ones which resort to lengthy cinematic cutscenes. That approach misses the point of the medium.

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