Daredevil Season 2 Trailer and Impressions

There has been three Punisher movies made so far (1989, 2004 and 2008) and i love each one (although 2008’s War Zone is the only one i’d call a good movie). So i think it’s safe to say i rather like the character, and it would be safe to presume i’m glad to see him make his way into the MCU, right? You’d be correct. And while i do thing Jessica Jones will end up being the better remember of Marvels Netflix shows, i really enjoyed Daredevil and am looking forward to seeing the characters return. I do wish they had held off on making this until Luke Cage and Iron Fist had their shows come out, and i’m a little worried this may be Netflix’s “Iron Man 2” (the rushed sequel only made when a character no one was expecting to get popular became an over night sensation), but other than that i say bring it on! Plus i think my spring break starts around the time the show starts, so whoo hoo, i’ll get to binge the whole thing in one sitting….i mean watch at a reasonable pace over afew days…..yeah…..that’s what i’m going to do…..totally

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