The Division 15 Minute Demo and Impressions

I didn’t pay much attention to The Division when it was first announced. I probibly would have continued to ignore it if not for all the positive feedback i heard once the games bata went live. Well whatever it is that the games advocates seem to see in it, i’m guessing it doesn’t translate into a passive experience. For all the hype i’ve been hearing the last few days, i was expecting something really exiting: from this game play footage all i an say is that it looks like a standard shooter. Sure not all games have to reinvent the wheel or be the best in their genre to be a worth while experience but…really…..this is what’s gotten people exited? Too be fair, i didn’t see much that made the game look like it was going to be “bad” per se (other than the bullet sponge “boss” who arrives at the 14:41 mark) but i was really expecting something more than the typical cover-shooter that’s been prominent in action games since the first “Gears of War” back in 2006. Maybe the game is super fun to play, i can’t say. As for this footage, color me unimpressed.


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