UNCHARTED 4: A Thief’s End Story Trailer and Impressions

Due to an over a flood of school work the last few days, i haven’t been able to post as much as i would have liked. So i’d like to personally thank Naughty Dog for giving me a nice and easy trailer to talk about just before i began to hate myself for staying inactive as long as i have.

As much as i’d love to just gush over how excited i am for the game (and don’t get me wrong, i AM excited), this trailer mostly serves to point out how little the stories in this franchise really matter. Sure, the writing and characters are great (for the unfortunately still low bar set for video game writing) but with the sole exception of each games macguffin the plot has been pretty much the same. This doesn’t tend to bother me in game as the characters and the writing mask this just enough to go unnoticed in the middle of the games well paced action and set peaces, but give just this the games well worn motifs start to shine through. Most of the big moments seem almost ripped strait out of the previous games. This would bother me….

But damn this looks good. For all the issue i have, Naughty Dog have proven time and time again they know how to make a good game and have earned my trust. Well, they have more earned my benefit of the doubt.



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