TMNT: Mutants In Manhattan Gameplay Trailer and Impressions

I know i’ve said this before, but i’m not the biggest TMNT fan. I don’t dislike the franchise, but i wasn’t raised on it the same way others were so it just doesn’t mean as much to me. I don’t know who most of the characters in this trailer are, i don’t know how accurate any of this is to any of the turtles previous incarnations and to be honest, i don’t care enough to start digging. And yet here i am thinking i’d really like to get my hands on this. This just looks like a lot of fun and simple fun is something games have been missing a lot lately. For christ sake, you get to play as a turtle with a jet pack. When was the last time a game featured a jet pack? 2010’s “Dark Void” is the last one i can think of and….i’d rather not think of 2010’s Dark Void.

My only concern is the price. This (and Platinum’s Transformers game as well) look like budget games to me. While i’m fine with that (in fact i think it would be an overall good for the industry to bring back mid-tear, lower priced games) but if it’s not priced like one, then my good will wont be able to outweigh my wallets apathy and i think the same could be said for a lot of people. And seeing that Transformers: Devastation is $50 on steam still doesn’t fill me with much hope.


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